BootcampFUSION Success Tools

Success Tools

Success Tools

To participate in BootcampFUSION, in person or online do the following:

  1. Review and commit to the MEAL PLAN HERE 
  2. Download the Periscope app (it’s FREE in the app store and is available for Android or Apple) and follow me @stayfitjill.


3.  Sign up HERE to receive the Success emails.

4.  Recommended items to create Success. (I will be using periscope to explain everything)

  1. Scale to measure food – I recommend THIS scale, but there are lots on the market.
  2. Tupperware
  3. 1 Gallon jug of water
  4. Good shoes


Explanation of the BootcampFUSION Success Tools:

1- The Meal Plan is your guide. When you think about your meals and snacks, follow the guide.  This is NOT about perfection. This is about commitment. How committed are you?

2- The Periscope app, is an AMAZING resource that I will be communicating with you through.  Through the app, I produce video that stays LIVE for 24 hours.  This is how I will supply you with workouts, how to do measurements, recipes, tips, and other detailed info that will keep progression a reality.  And the best part about it, is you can ask me questions, to get immediate answers!

3- Success emails, will go out 1 a week, and is information specific only to BootcampFUSION.  This is how I will supply you with our weekly goals, challenges, monthly goals, and any other information that I will not be sharing on Periscope.





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