BootcampFUSION – Fusing Body and Mind

BootcampFUSION is a NEW monthly program created by Tree Fitness owner and certified Personal Trainer, Jill Griffiths.


In the past 6 years of doing Tree Fitness Bootcamp, I created a program that challenged and pushed 100’s of people to produce results, gain strength, and push their bodies to achieve things they never thought were possible.

Tree Fitness Bootcamp
Guess what I realized? There is SO much more to the health and wellness journey then a physical 60 minute Workout.

  • Where do you find support and strength for your goals at home or work?
  • Where can you find support away from Bootcamp for your goals?
  • How can you better handle your stress?
  • How can you get your family on board?
  • How can you overcome FEAR of new things?
  • What should you eat for your goals?
  • How can you handle the temptations and detours of life, or the changing seasons and Holidays?
  • Where can you find the support you need to accomplish all the hats you wear?

We want to help you outside of Bootcamp no matter where you live and provide fat burning, body changing workouts that will challenge you and produce results.

Program Details:

What exactly is the BootcampFUSION program?

A Quarterly based program designed to help you reach not just your physical goals, but emotional goals as well. We start each quarter session with measurements, goals, and figuring out your level. As in the past, this will help us establish your level and how to progress.  We will also provide nutrition guidance, and support.  Teach you how to eat for better health and vitality.  Provide weekly support and emails that will  address the topics to keep you successful and progressing towards the collective BootcampFusion Quarter goal as well as your individual goals.



The 60 minute BootcampFUSION workout will also change from past Bootcamp workouts.

We will be fusing 3 different elements to combine a high intensity Cross Training workout.

  • FUN

Local BootcampFusion workouts will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s at 6am.  Registration is required, and payment is required in FULL to reserve your spot.  Payment secures your spot, and turns on your weekly support and education.

Monthly cost: $99/month.


HOW TO REGISTER For LIVE classes: It’s Easy!

  1.  Paypal me jill (at) treefitness (dot) com
  2. I will send you a confirmation email as well as fitness profile page for you to fill out.
  3. Email me directly to make other payment arrangements.
  4. If you do not hear from me in 1-2 days, email me direct. I do have SPAM filters. 🙂 

HOW TO REGISTER and Participate ONLINE: It’s Easy!

  1. Sign up here and review the Success Tools.


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