Meet Jill Griffiths of Tree Fitness


Have you ever thought about walking into the weight part of the gym, and quickly walked away because everyone looked like they new what they were doing, and you didn’t have any idea?  Have you ever thought about taking that first Zumba class you have been hearing all about, but you’re not a dancer, so you’ve never gone? Have you ever thought about gaining more muscle, but have no idea where to begin?  What about running your first half-marathon, or wanting to sign up for “BOOTCAMP”, yet something prevents you from doing it? Maybe your goals are intimidating enough that you don’t know how to handle them or where to begin?

I have been through all of these situations.  And these situations have one thing in common. FEAR.

In life, sometimes FEAR takes over FUN.  And I’m not such a fan of that.  In fact, I’m over FEAR.


I like to feel like I’m achieving my fitness goals.

I like new challenges to keep me progressing to the next level so boredom doesn’t set it.

I like to squash “fitness fear” and move onward and upward in my fitness.

I like to create new fitness exercises and challenge myself to accomplishing them.

I like to learn the best way to fuel my body and enjoy life and food at the same time.

I LOVE to have FUN, while achieving, challenging, progressing, creating, learning, and squashing FEAR.


That is why I created my 30-day Bootcamp.  It is amazing what I have seen people achieve in 30 days.  Desired results, fat loss, endurance increase, inches lost, strength and toning, are the obvious results. But the confidence boost is the most remarkable change.  At the end of the Bootcamp(s), you will understand proper form, how to move your body, what foods work for you and when the best time to eat to fuel your metabolism is.  Food is not your enemy, but your biggest allie, in creating longevity, and lasting health.  Are you ready to learn how to eat for your goals, instead of against your goals?

Together we set goals, we learn, and we change our lifestyles for the better. For GOOD.  No turning back.


So let’s do this!!!





10 Random things about ME:

  • I have 3 amazing kids and 1 amazing husband.
  • I don’t like to clean. One bit.
  • I’ve been known to sing so loud in the car, the people stopped at the red light next to me can hear me.
  • I’m not big into politics, or correct grammar.  I’m trying to get better, I promise
  • My happy place is in the Mountains. (I live in Utah…nuff said)
  • My first fitness certification was through AFAA in 1999 (I was 19) and I started teaching the next day and haven’t stopped.
  • I took my first fitness class in 5th grade from Mrs. Swenson, back in the days of Jane Fonda thongs…
  • I created my own Personal Trainer led BOOTCAMP program 5 years ago, and I’m working on an online program.
  • I love to decorate my home in modern cottage, and country colors.
  • I am a spiritual person and I strongly believe in service.
  • I have run 4 Ragnar’s, many 5K’s, completed 1 Sprint Triathlon, fitness professional over 15 years ago, and I absolutely love changing people’s lives and watching them gain the tools needed to change for GOOD!


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