How to use @myfitnesspal app for GOALS

A HUGE part of my program is paying attention to what is going into your body as fuel.

Sure tracking your food might sound monotonous, a pain and something you don’t have time for.  But have you really ever tracked your food for a long enough time to produce results?

We live in a day and age where, on just about every corner is some sort of fast food shop.  Every store you walk into there are fresh baked goods, and most likely samples for you to taste to increase your experience.  There are lunch meetings, and no time for breakfast “drive-through stops”, birthday’s, cravings, emotional attachments and many other opportunities daily to flood our systems with highly processed, high sugar, high salt foods that send our amazingly intelligent bodies into states of trama, and shock.   Combine a few of these a day and all our bodies can do to fight back is create defensive mechanisms such as: diabetes, obesity, and heart disease, to name just a few.

One Simple Thing.

What if everyone in America did just one simple thing.  Everyday, spend 5 less minutes on FB or Instagram or Twitter, and at the end of the day, log what you ate on #myfitnesspal.  And then continued to do this for 7 days.  I just might change the normal breakfast routine, or decision you make for lunch that day based off the food you are going to ask your body to metabolize for you.

How to use myfitnesspal

I have a lot of clients that say… I don’t know how to use #myfitnesspal, and I just don’t have time to learn something new.

1- I HATE THIS EXCUSE.  If you don’t have time to learn something “new”, your priorities might be a little skewed. Successful people didn’t “give up” learning after they graduated high school.  If being healthy, getting stronger, and having more energy is not on your wish list (which believe me, it is on everyone’s list whether their pride lets them admit it or not), then taking 5 minutes to learn this app, will benefit you more then any “DIET” you are trying perfect.  It will give you freedom.  Myfitnesspal is FREEDOM.


Remember that goal you have that we talked about?  In order for goals to really come to pass, you have to put them a little higher on the priority list.  What tracking your food will do is take away the guess work.  As you enter your food per meal, it will show you how you are doing for the day.  If you don’t have enough calories, it will show you that, most likely you are getting to much and it will show you that too.  It will be your “pal in your pocket” that is telling you the truth about what you are eating.  If you have more specific goals, or are following a meal plan, it also breaks up your nutrition and macros for you to track.


I created a simple video for you to watch on HOW TO USE MYFITNESSPAL.  It will take a total of 10 minutes of your time, and it will save you an hour of trying to figure it out yourself.   I show you how to add food, save your meals, add friends, use the scanner, and adjust your privacy settings.  It will be worth your time, and at the end you can say you learned something new 😉

All’s I ask is that if you watch the video and you find it helpful for you that you share it with someone who needs this video too. This app is FREE and is an INCREDIBLE resource that helps my clients stay on track, and find success and happiness in eating for health!

Email me if you have any questions!

Your trainer Jill