Macro Friendly Protein Crepes

I’m pretty sure I could eat some type of breakfast, for all my meals and be 100% satisfied.

I have made crepes for my kids for about 10 years.  I make them gluten free, with 4 eggs, milk, vanilla and that is it.  And they LOVE them.


Last year I went on a mission to create a macro friendly crepe.  Because Crepe’s that I could eat everyday, sounded just divine.

So the Macro Friendly Crepe was born.

Protein Crepes copy

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You will notice, in the picture they do not look perfect.  That’s because, they very rarely turn out looking like perfection. (I think this is partly due to my impatient nature…) But, I wasn’t gonna lie about it! They may look imperfect, but the taste pulls this recipe through every time.


Enjoy eating these everyday, because you can easily adjust the macros to fit exactly in your plan if needed, by increasing the amount of kodiak cake or egg whites!

Here is the video that shows the HOW:

Yes I look like I have black eyes…

And no, I didn’t get in a fist fight with anyone…!!


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Your Trainer Jill