Macro Friendly Meatballs

So easy. So delicious. My two requirements.


Oh and Macro friendly.  3 requirements.

Make extra for an easy lunch.  But your kids will love these and they might just eat them all.

Macro Friendly Meatballs

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And watch my YouTube video on how easy they are to make:


What do I do with them?

Wrap them in lettuce for a meatball lettuce wrap.  Cook sweet potatoes, mash them up, then place these meatballs on top.  Wrap them in a low carb tortilla, or whole wheat tortilla (or gluten free tortilla). Eat them plain!

And Oh the joys crock-pot cooking! They save my macro friendly life! Day after day.

Summer, Spring, Winter and Fall, I probably use my crock pot more then my oven.


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Trainer Jill