5 Tips to stay MOTIVATED & 5 Questions to ask


I know.  We have all been there.  Some days we are 100%.  Some days we are 85%. And some days we are plain and dirty 0%.

Staying motivated is a huge part of the healthy lifestyle journey.  But that doesn’t mean that you are not human by having a unmotivated day.  What matters is what you do following that day (or days).  YOU are the only one who can create the motivation you need to get your workout on, or eat right for that day.  YES the influences you have around you effect that in great detail (and we will get into that more) but ultimately, you decide what influences you allow to INFLUENCE you…catch my drift?

Here are 5 simple TIPS to help you to stay MOTIVATED.


Monotony creates boredom.  Have you taken Zumba for the last 2 years every M, W, F from the same teacher, at the same gym, at the same time?  Have you run everyday at 6am, rain or shine?  Have you lifted the same weights day after day and dread going to the gym?

If so, maybe it’s time to shake it up.  What would happen if you simply changed 1 thing during the week?

Like adding a YOGA class, or a hike every Tuesday, or swim day at your local rec center?

I’m not saying you need to change EVERYTHING and reinvent.  But NEVER, NEVER, be afraid to add something different to bring a little excitement to the routine.

Ask yourself this question:  Am I looking forward to my workout today?  If the answer is NO, it might be time to shake it up a bit.



For certain personalities, this word alone sends shivers down their spine.  For others it is sheer relief.

Let me ask you this.  Do you have any idea how much sugar you ate yesterday?  This knowledge alone, might just send you into a clean eating goal.  Sugars in all forms (fruits, sweets, processed etc) add up quick.  But you will never know unless you track.

You would never walk into a college level class, on test day without studying right?  So why would you set a goal to eat healthier, and not study what you are eating day to day?

For my clients, I recommend they all use the Myfitnesspal app.  This allows them to track (not just sugar), but Protein, Carbs, and Fats.  And though you might feel like it is a hassle, it is actually 100% freeing and educational.  I am on Myfitnesspal at @stayfitjill.  If you friend me you can see what I eat daily and ask me questions there too.

Ask yourself this question:  Do I know how much sugar I ate yesterday?  If the answer is NO, it might be time to track and start “studying” exactly what is going into your body.


3- Get Creative

When was the last time you introduced a new healthy recipe into the routine?  I was so happy when my client Dana, said she combined two different meatloaf recipes, to create a Macro Friendly Meatloaf that was in-line with her goals.  Words like these bring tears to a trainers eyes!  Why?  Because the creative effort will make ALL the difference in keeping you motivated.  Does eating the same thing for every single meal sound interesting, fun, delicious, and exciting. NOPE.  When I create the meal plans for my clients, I give them options for each macro.  From that they can put together what ever fits into those macros.  I see people fall off the Macro wagon, when they haven’t taken the time to research, and next thing you know the doorbell rings, and it’s the pizza delivery guy (Jared ;).

Ask yourself this question:  Am I looking forward to Dinner tonight?  If not, click HERE for 5 quick and easy MACRO friendly recipes.  Next step is to review your favorite dinner recipes and adjust them to fit your macros.  

4- Label the TRIGGERS

We all have them.  Food, stress, kids, money.  The important part is that we recognize them.  And then go the next step and LABEL them as Triggers.  In my life, as I get older I am realizing I am accumulating more “Triggers”.  Now that is something I need to deal with.  But I say that, only because it might be the case for you too.  What happens when we feel these triggers, is the most important part.  Do you head straight to the fridge without even realizing what you’re doing?  Or possibly you are not even hungry, but that emotional connection of eating food to soothe, is buried deep into your unconscious mechanism to cope.  Whatever it maybe, it is time to figure it out.  Just like we would study for that college test, we need to study our triggers, label, them, and be aware.  Once we are aware, we can redirect how we handle them, and turn to a book, or a movie, or a walk, or family time instead.

Ask yourself this question: What are my triggers?  If you do not know, take 5 minutes and go through the last time you Binged, or feel off the wagon.  What was the reason?  What can you do about it to make sure it doesn’t happen again?


5- SELF-LOVE.  Find it. Feel it.

When you hear people say, I buried my emotions in some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream…what emotion are they feeling the least of?  This may sound trivial, sensitive in nature, and possibly repetitive, but guys (and girls) stay with me.  SELF-LOVE fuels motivation.  Self-Love comes in many shapes, sizes, people, and influences in our lives.  Maybe love to you doesn’t present itself in a marriage.  Maybe it is presented through your pet.  Maybe love is presented to you through hiking outside or being with friends.  Seriously though.  How and when do you feel self-love?  Self-love and love for others is THE most powerful emotion you can have.  And if an emotion SO powerful is not resembled in some way, shape or form, when seeking for MOTIVATION it might not come.

Ask yourself this question:  How/when do I feel Self-LOVE? Take a minute and write it down.  For example:  I feel self-love when I fuel my body in a healthy way.  I feel self-love when I look at the mirror and acknowledge what I LIKE about my self.  Write down 5 ways that you feel Self-Love.


You are all set.  These 5 simple TIPS if given 5 minutes of your day, each day, will keep you on track and motivated to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

Keep achieving!

Your Trainer Jill