Guiltless Halloween Treat!

Halloween week is here…

Planning is what keeps me on track.  Even trainers fall into the Halloween candy trap (so I hear anyway)!

To avoid that from happening this year, I created a plan for each day of this fun Halloween Week!

My plan includes balancing out my carbs each day so I can enjoy the following:

  • a Potato Bar Dinner on Thursday night,
  • a cheat meal at Cafe Rio on Friday night (to give me fuel for my Half Marathon on Halloween morning
  • and the yummy guiltless halloween treat, that is below, to enjoy on Halloween night!

I will continue my daily workouts as usual and add any if needed. 


On Halloween night, make these an hour or so before your break out the candy for the trick or treaters.  Put them in the fridge, and then whenever temptation strikes grab one and ENJOY!

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Guiltless Halloween Treat!

Happy Halloween Week!

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