End Salad BOREDOM. For Good.


They can get boring.  It’s true.  It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and get bored, which might possibly lead to falling off the wagon.

To avoid that, lets open your mind and give you 5 easy steps to switch up your salad daily.  There are endless possibilities!

(Bootcamp Approved)


5 Easy steps to keep your salad FRESH, NEW, and TASTY.



Choose a GREEN lettuce that packs a nutritional punch.

  • Spinach, Romaine lettuce, Kale, Arugula, Swiss chard, Dandelion Green, and Watercress are all great options.

My favorite is to mix multiple types of salad to create a diverse base layer.


2. VEGGIES OF CHOICE (Filler Layer)

The key to VEGGIES for me is have them cooked ahead and in the fridge.  Easy, and quick creates success for me.

  • Broccoli, Bell Peppers, Brussels Sprouts, Green Beans, Butternut squash, Sweet Potato, Cauliflower, carrots, snow peas, cucumbers, celery, asparagus


3. LEAN PROTEIN OF CHOICE (Substance Layer)

Again with your Protein, cook them ahead.  At every dinner I cook excess of my Lean Protein so I always have options for my salads.


4. HEALTHY DRESSING (Flavor Layer)

Get creative, but stay away from high sugar dressings.

  • Salsa’s (my go to dressing), Poppyseed Litehouse dressing, Mustards, Vinegars, Homemade vinaigrette’s, light and low sugar store bought options are nice to have on hand


5. HEALTHY FAT (Satiation Layer and Flavor Layer)

Your not still scared of FAT are you?  PLEASE don’t be. Choose 1 of the following healthy fats, in the portion of a Tablespoon or Tablespoon and a half.

  • Avocado, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Raw Almonds or Cashews, Almond butter, Real Butter
  • 1 caution regarding your fat.  When looking at your dressing if you use an oil base dressing you are combining step 4 and step 5 into one step.  Make sure you get enough fat, but don’t over do your healthy fat.


Feel free to leave your favorite Salad tips or dressing recipe links in the comments below, I’d love some new ideas!


Happy Eating!